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Spanish Walk

The Spanish Walk is a bit of a controversial one; some people swears by it and loves showing off, as its kind of an spectacular one; for me is a bit of a circus trick, it doesn’t really have any biomechanics perks, all the contrary…usually it hollows their back and the sticking of the leg forward and hard impact on the ground may cause some unfortunate jarring on the horses legs…

Sometimes though, if you would like to play a little bit with your horse and lighten the mood, with nothing extremely demanding and easy to get (whilst making it feel powerful and full of pride) a little bit of front leg striking is all what you need to get back that connection. In my experience, all horses love to show off a little bit 🙂

A bit of warning, when showing tricks with different legs you always have to be in a safe position, and if you start training with verbal cues and or touching the horse in certain areas, warn other handlers so they don’t get injured when making sounds or touching in places where you place your aids.


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