Eigthy eight

88 is another Irish Sport Horse who also found  the Calvary life challenging.  He is very head shy and flighty,  was unable to pass the rigorous testing in the Cavalry because of this.  He is in the first stage of training gaining the trust and bond with humans.  Every day he is more willing and open to learning new things and is progressing very nicely; he is the kind of character that once his broken down his barriers, he will do anything to please me.

March, 2019 …. To this day, we have changed his name to Bambino, as it is funnily very suiting for him, and he seems to like it a lot! Since he arrived at Pikdame he had mastered lots of exercises in the work in hand and the lunge. Nowadays, the training on the saddle is just starting, and despite him being very suspicious and until certain extend worried, he is trying his best to allow me to place my weight over him without blowing out.


Sire: Flinston ISH

Dam: Hillmount FLight ISH

  • Breed Irish Sport Horse
  • Date of Birth 14/05/2005
  • Height 17hh
  • Color & Sex Bay Gelding