Iris very keen to share her knowledge with anybody willing to learn and experience her methods of horsemanship, believing strongly that everyone has the capacity of developing harmony with their horse. Iris’s methods take the relationship between horse and rider back to basics; taking the time to educate and develop a respectful and harmonious partnership.  Relationships like these have no time constraints and once established and understood should last a lifetime.

After training with her, Iris hopes each and every owner will have the toolsto ensure they maintain such relationship, benefitting both themselves and their horse.

When using her holistic approach to both horse and rider, Iris is able to set realistic goals and ensure they are met adapting to each horse and rider accordingly. Symbiosis methods of training work towards developing a world in which horsemen/women and children relate to their horses using love and understanding. At Symbiosis the overall goal is to help people achieve happy, working relationships with their horses.

Iris loves teaching and is available to teach all levels of riding and training of the horse.  Iris has experience teaching beginners to more advanced riders; from dressage, jumping and cross country, or simply for the owner who loves horses, she is able to guide and mentor you recognizing your training needs as you progress.

Symbiosis can also assist in helping your horse overcome any behavioral problems.  Bitting issues, bolting, bucking, resistance to contact, nervousness, and fear are some of the many challenges we have experienced of.  We strive to help you and your horse become emotionally stable, happy, and confident.

Iris is able to travel to you or you can visit the ‘Symbiosis’ team at Pikdame Equestrian Centre, Reus.  Please contact us in advance to check the availability

An integral part of Symbiosis is creating the bond which is developed from working the horse from the ground.  Once communication is established here, we move on to the riding part.  We teach riders and horses to communicate correctly and solve any miscommunications which may occur along the way.  Slowly the true ‘feeling’ of riding reveals itself; words such as lightness and harmony are understood and enjoyed by both horse and rider. At Symbiosis we always keep the horse’s best interests at the heart of what we do.
All horses and riders are different.  We take time to ensure that every horse has the opportunity to bond and connect with his/her rider.  Using patience, understanding, and unconditional love for our horses we slowly see the connection that escapes so many.  Once the connection is made we encourage the horse and rider to have the confidence to express themselves freely, knowing that the special bond they have created will not be broken.
When this harmony is achieved, for us at Symbiosis, this is when the magic happens
No previous experience is needed to train with us, but access to a horse 5 hours a week min. is needed for the online course.

Different programs to fit different kinds of humans:

Online course Symbiosis Coach: the course is made of 3 different modules, which need to be passed individually before you can go into the next module. At the end of each module, there is an exam, which will certify you have completed the three modules and can become a Symbiosis Coach for horses.  Each module is paid AT THE START OF EACH MODULE, you have 5 days of training with us at Pikdame Education or alternatively 5 more lessons extra online.
Each module costs 1900€ Taxes Included.

Online sessions: have the advantage to have your own private lessons with Iris Ferré where she can help you with ridden and in-hand training sessions with your horse. Behavioral training is also available.

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