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Lounging Bambino Take II, one year a part

Here the old 88, now renamed Bambino, working on the lunge. Here we can see how Bambino can work in balance through most transitions, work into collected gaits and is able to canter without stumbling or rushing. In some bits I am trying to get him from a working trot to an extended one, but we still lots to work on :)… i love the way he is searching forward, our communication and his willingness to please me, even when i am not that clear. His suppleness and strength has improved, and in some of these 11 minutes he is working like an absolute champ. Remember this is one of the Household Calvary Horses which were rejected as they were untrainable and dangerous; i believe one day he will be an excellent Baroque horse, were some of our more advanced and fine students will be able to refine their riding skills.

Some of his canter transitions are just beautiful, and make this heavy horse a light, obedient and willing war horse.

I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed training him đŸ™‚



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