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Introduction to training, Lester and 88… The two Household Calvary Horses

Some of you already know the story of Lester and 88, for those whom don’t, here is a little bit of info. Those two horses had been selected to become part of the HCMR; to become the ceremonial horses that hold the Queens Life Guard in London alongside any potencial duties like the Musical Ride, become a competition horse for the riding staff, be part of the band or be appointed to be training new recruits. To begin with they had been broken in and started their training down in Windsor Barracks with the riding staff. They weren’t adapting to the training conditions and busy lives of what a trainee royal duty horse has to endure, so they got sent to the army training center in Melton Mowbray (DAC).

They spent some more time in training and enjoying some grass time, but because of their volatile nervous and sensitive nature and extremely head shyness they where ruled out as potential guard horses. A month ago they arrived at Pikdame and we stop asking them for things. We just fed them, cuddle them and gave them tones of love…

After a couple of weeks of being with us, they started relaxing and opening up and today I filmed and introduced them to the Academic Art of Riding. The giving of the poll and following the hand down whilst relaxing their body, neck and mind are the very first steps to ask a horse, and from there, we start building it up.

Still a long way for the three of us, but they are super clever and there is nothing better for me to see these two big souls trusting and following me. I hope you enjoy it as well as i do 🙂


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