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Bitless & first steps half pass

Very happy with Okey’s performance today.. we have come a long way, and we still have a long road ahead but it is well worth it. He is able to keep his balance more horizontal now, so not as much in his forehand and although he is very long in the back and tries to cheat and make his life a little bit easier, i am happy with the way he is lifting his shoulder and carrying his neck. His forwardness is not where I would like it to be, but that said, I rather he keeps his balance than ram him on his forehand… as he gets stronger he will be able to push more and his forwardness will improve.
Those are his very first steps of half pass in trot and i am pleased with hem.. he is listening to my seat everytime more, although by me being pregnant is not as it is an easy task for any of us to get to know what i am asking for…lol… my balance has changed so are my core muscles, and as the baby grows everyday is different, the only thing i can add to that is that Okey is doing an excellent job trying to keep up with me.
Riding him with the cavesson is something i do not do often because his balance was not there before and he was getting strong in my hand, but now that his balance is coming along I think i might do it more often.
I hope you have enjoyed it, its a working prospect and we have come a long way already… 🙂


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